Earth Medicine; The Healing Power of Grounding...

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Everyday, we spend time walking, standing sitting and lying down. We inter-act will the Earth everyday, all day long and she gives to us, all day long. What is given is natural and free to all that stay true to their nature. It is a type of power that is continuously generated and openly shared with all living things; the chi of the Earth. Its strength emanates out from below our feet and so we experience it as “rising” through us, and so we have a natural instinct to connect to it deeply. Our bodies, when we are in good health, function like a tube or vessel that it flows through and we can make use of it, its teachings and special qualities that come from this “mother energy”. It is how she, the Earth, takes care of us. 

As a Native and practioner of the Internal Arts, I have been invited to understand the teachings from our closest relative, for my whole life. I am not special this way as the teachings are for us all and can be received by anyone, at any time. Both the Native and Chinese way of life understand the fundamental need to receive these teachings, take care of her, and embody the gifts. To embody the gifts and receive the teachings is to become the Earth and understand we are made up of it.

So how does one begin, where do we start? For so many of us, we have been exposed to the more material or visible aspects of the teachings and general understandings about the Earth; nature, seasons and cycles, ecology, pollution, sustainability, the animal kingdom, plants, Earth changes, geology, basic elemental relationships; fire, water, air, metal etc. We see the cause and effect of Earth and the environment she provides, what come forth from her, what lives on her, what we have done to her without for-thought and what she provides for us, always absorbing our transgressions against her. Perhaps it is the essence of her gifts to each of us that she offers, that can un-cover our trespasses and right our relations with her.

From my Native side, the teachings from my Elders talk about the humble and harmonious life lived with nature, that the Mother teaches through example and provides for us all. We are invited to listen, to watch, to see the natural patterns and cycles of life, to feel the teachings, to consider the sacredness of all life, how we fit in the order of things, that we are all connected and that every-thing is alive- no-thing is inanimate or without life-force. Elements, animals, plants, insects, spirits, forces of nature and the like, are all referred to as “nations”, living bodies that share a type of existence or way of life that must be respected as active members of the circle of life.

The Lineage of Internal Arts is an Educational Teaching passed down through generations of Lineage-holders much the same way Native teachings are passed down by parents and Elders to successive generations. Five Element Theory and training is basic and traditionally, first in the instruction of Internal Arts. The Mother or primary Element is of course the Earth Element through which the other four; air, water, fire and metal, are subordinate to or “come from”. While it is understood that the “Native perspective” is fundamental and shared, the qualities and practical aspects of Earth energy are the gift the Chinese Internal Arts Lineage bring to our table of learning. 

To begin, lets look at so so basic understandings of the qualities of Earth medicine. Earth is, by its nature, receptive and so her teaching are of those qualities. We are probably more in tune with assertive qualities of learning as most of us have been taught from that perspective; to chase knowledge, to ask why, to pursue the path path of learning...the other half of our learning ability and the effortless aspect is the receptive side; learn by example, paying attention or watching, listening, following and a host of other qualities that fall under receptivity. By being receptive, Earth teachings and medicine comes up and through our feet, a feeling of connection that gives natural alignment, natural balance, natural stability...a feeling of groundedness. We must understand that this is felt through allowing its presence and power into us, un-interupted allowed to permeate as it is the same as every aspect of our material body.

Some Qualities we might review related to Grounding:

  • Equality and Distribution- Physical practice communicates cellular understanding at the sensory level of these two qualities. Equality (even balance) and distribution (sharing and spreading) translate easily to a life understanding with ourselves, others and shared environments.

  • Equal Distribution creates equal Leverage- when the “load is shared”, everything and everyone in on “equal footing”, leverage or advantage is even and shared by all.

  • Grounding and Relaxation- Grounding is “solid connection” and ease or a relaxed state is natural when the strength of ground is felt under our feet. Good relations require connection, strength and relaxation.

  • Foundation and Structure- the maintenance of self health-balance, as well as the development of good relationships is based on a flexible structure that rests on a foundation of consideration and good practice.

  • Balance- sensing whole-body balance or balance shared between people or with-in environments, is about the adaptive nature of balance in flux, staying in rhythm with changes that are always occurring.

  • Releasing Downward- this is about letting go so circulation is allowed to cycle. Holding on or “attaching” is interference with Life-Force and creates stagnations and blockage...everywhere in our lives.

  • Alignment and Transference- Correct alignment inside and with our relations allows equanimity and preservation as what is shared and needed is understood and easily transferred. Different situations call for adaptive application of “aligned responses” that are extensions of service and environmental stewardship.

In review, the qualities of Earth Medicine are basic and required learning for functional Human Being development. While many people are aware of this, real user knowledge reflects:

  • how to develop grounding, how to return it

  • what if feels like when its absent

  • what it feels like when it is strong

  • what changes in our personality and how it translate in mental/emotional stability

  • a type of connection to the ground that makes a person “hard to move”; physically-rooted

Transformation Arts is offering a workshop series on the teachings of Grounding/Earth Medicine and the practical useage in daily living. Our regular classes are devoted to the development of Health and Well being, responsible self health care and respect for ourselves and other life forms we share this existence with. Grounding medicine is the most abundant power-gift on the planet, often the least understood and likely, the most practical and needed. Please take advantage of this very practical and useable set of tools; 'Our highest attainments must rest on a foundation, grounding in all its tangible and less tangible forms is that footing'...Grounding knows both inner and outer territories and how to adapt to any change or challenges...It is reflected in critical thinking or “Strategy” and manifests in appropriate timing, boundaries and perceptive awareness.

Know yourself, know others,

Know “the territories”, know the variables (possibilities),

Know your heart, know the heart of others...

Do not think dishonestly,

Train daily in the way,

Become acquainted with the arts,

Know the terrain of Professionals,

Cultivate clarity between gain and loss in worldly matters,

Develop intuitive sharpness and understanding for everything,

Perceive those things that cannot be seen,

Pay attention to trifles,

Do nothing which is of no use.

This is part of mental grounding and some of the practical qualities.....